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Questions - Worship Prep

September 16, 2018, 5:36 PM

These questions relate to the sermon on 16 September 2018, Worship Prep: Approaching The Throne.  The primary passage is Psalm 100.  While these questions are designed for group discussion, they may be helpful for personal reflection as well.  Group attenders are encouraged to consider the questions prior to meeting.

1.  Would anyone like to present your daily worship discipline or a plan that you wish you followed?

2.  As a matter of review, what is worship?

3.  When Israel originally had a mobile temple (tabernacle), what did it mean to "serve the Lord?" (Ps. 100:2)

4.  How does that element change in the new covenant?  (consider Romans 12:1-2 or other scriptures)

5.  What is the central point of Psalm 100?

6.  How do we know God?

7.  Consider the suggestions given as tools to help us prepare for worship and discuss application:

  • quiet
  • scripture
  • prayer
  • hymns/music
  • reading/podcasts
  • people
  • simplifying your life

8.  When and where should Christians worship the Lord?