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Questions - Disciples Abide In Christ

March 11, 2018, 10:00 AM

The following questions relate to the sermon presented on Sunday, 11 February 2018, "Disciples Abide In Christ."  The primary scripture is John 8:31-32.  The questions are written for group discussion but also be helpful for personal reflection.  The sermon can be heard on this website.

1.  Read the context before Jesus' words in John 8:31-32 (chapters 7 & 8).  What do you think John was trying to accomplish by presenting Jesus' conflict with the relgious leaders?

2.  Jesus knew that those in Jerusalem who chose to believe in him would receive pressure to turn from their belief.  What kind of pressures in our day cause people to fall away or turn away from belief?

3.  "If you abide in my word..."  John used the word logos (word) here and also in chapter 1 he used it as a proper name for Jesus - The Word.  The person of Jesus is the word.  His teaching is his word.  How could his audience at the temple know his word?  How can we know his word?

4.  How can we remain (abide) in him?  What methods do you use to remain in Christ?  How do you know if you are dwelling in him?  How much is enough?

5.  Some very dependable contemporary teachers have said that there are three kinds of people: non-believers, believers, and fake believers.  Who would be the fake believers in our day?  Where would you find them?

6.  In the latter part of chapter 8, from verse 33 on, Jesus refers to the religious leaders several times as children of the devil.  Would this make them "fake believers?"

7.  John used many different names to describe Jesus such as the word, light, lamb of God, chosen one, bread of life, the gate, the good shepherd.  Some of them were quotes of Jesus about himself.  Find names or metaphors for Jesus in chapter 8.

8.  Why did Jesus words, "...before Abraham was born, I am!" cause people to try to stone him? (8:58)

9.  If Jesus is "I AM," how much of the Bible is his word?

10.  If you are not loving Jesus and the Bible as a result of this study, please continue to read John 7 and 8 and meditate on the words of Christ.  If you still have no response, get some help from a disciple you trust.