These questions relate to the sermon on 17 July 2022, delivered by Brad French.  The primary scripture is Jeremiah 17:5-8.  The sermon can be heard on the Lawn Baptist YouTube channel.  Class discussion for this topic is on 24 July.

1.  From verse 5, why is it important not to put your trust in mankind?

2.  How does trusting in mankind become a curse?

3.  According to verse 5, what does trusting in mankind do to your relationship with God?  How have you experienced this occurance?

4.  Verse 6 compares the curse to living in a desert.  (Taylor County 2022)  Have you seen faith dry up like a parched land?  How can it be corrected?

5.  Read verses 7 & 8.  What instruction do we gain?

6.  What are the results of trusting in the Lord?

7.  This is easy to preach, and it is true.  Practically, how do we move from the desert of placing our trust in the wrong things to the joyful depth of trusting in the Lord?  What steps should we take?  How can we get help with the journey?

8.  Who do you know who needs help with this journey?  How can you help them?