This exercise relates to the sermon on 7 August 2022, Rejoice In Persecution.  The primary scripture is Matthew 5:10-12.

1.  Read through the Beatitudes, vv. 3-12.  Pay attention to the whole picture it paints of a true follower of Jesus.

2.  Now focus on verses 10-12.  There are all kinds of reasons for persecution.  For what reason is the persecution that Jesus said brings blessing?

3.  Understanding the previous seven beatitudes, how should a Christian respond to persecution for being Christ-like?

4.  How are we going to do this?  Would you not rather retaliate?

5.  What is the reward for being persecuted in the name of the Messiah?

6.  Read or watch videos from websites like Voice of The Martyrs or Help The Persecuted.

7.  Spend some time praying for the persecuted and for our own faith to be mature.