These questions relate to the sermon on July 24, Do You See Him?  The primary scripture is Matthew 5:8.  The class discussion is on July 31.  The sermon may be heard on this website and on the Lawn Baptist YouTube channel.

1.  What kind of good endeavors keep you from the best?

2.  Is there sin that continues to clutter up your heart?

Blessed are the pure in heart...

3.  In the context of the beatitudes, what does "pure in heart" mean?

4.  What other scriptures come to mind regarding the same idea?

5.  How can a person living in this world ever really have a pure heart?

6.  In what ways do the previous beatitudes help us with developing a clean heart, or a cleaner heart?

7.  How do we apply the promise of this beatitude, "...for they shall see God."?  How can we see him?

8.  Spend some time meditating on this verse.  Read it slowly and several times.  Maybe read the other beatitudes as well.  Picture yourself with a purer heart, able to see God at work around you, and keen to hear the Holy Spirit.  Then pursue it.