This exercise relates to the sermon on 10 July, Mercy!  The primary scripture is Matthew 5:7.  Find the sermon on this website or the LBC YouTube channel, and be prepared for class discussion on 17 July.

 1.     Re-read the first five beatitudes, Matthew 5:3-7.  To what kind of relationships does the progression take us in verse 7?  

2.     Read the following:  

     a.      Matthew 6:9-15, focus on vv. 12, 14-15

     b.     Matthew 7:12; Luke 6:31

     c.      Matthew 18:21-22

     d.     Colossians 3:12-13

     e.      Jeremiah 31:37

     f.      Micah 6:8

     g.     Any other verses along the same theme that you want to add  

3.     How do these scriptures inform your understanding of the 5th Beatitude?  

4.     Why is it important to God that we learn to be merciful?  (see James 2:12-13; but more importantly - think about reflecting God's character)

5.     Which is valued more in the southern U.S., mercy or justice?  Can both happen together?  

6.     How is the ability to be merciful important to family relations?  

7.     Is the ability to be merciful important to the next beatitude?  

8.     When were you shown mercy in a way that changed you?