The questions relate to the sermon on 3 July 2022, Hungry And Thirsty.  The primary scripture is Matthew 5:6.  You will be able to find an audio recording of the sermon on this website, and a video will be posted on the Lawn Baptist YouTube channel.

1.  What always makes you feel hungry or thirsty? (aromas, tastes, needs?)

2.  What do you do about your hunger or thirst?

3.  If you are really hungry, how much do you want?

4.  What do you find yourself desiring mentally or spiritually?

5.  How do you address those needs?

6.  What does "righteousness" mean in Matthew 5:6?

7.  How can we develop hunger and thirst for righteousness?

8.  Why not skip righteousness and just pursue happiness like our Declaration of Independence says?

9.  What scriptures help understand or apply this beatitude?

10.  What is your next step toward righteousness?