These questions  relate to the sermon on 26 June 2022, Blessed Are The Meek.  The primary scripture is Matthew 5:5.  Class discussion for this sermon is on 3 July.

1. If someone is called meek today, in our culture, what might it indicate?  Feel free to look up definitions.

2.  Who are some movie characters or professional athletes you would describe as meek?

3.  If the New Testament use of "meek" is different than contemporary use in American culture, how would you define New Testament meekness?  Incapable or weak?  Power and ability under control?

4.  Who are some Bible characters that display meekness?

5.  How would you define the meaning of this beatitude to a younger person (friend, sibling, child)?

6.  What does it mean "...inherit the earth?"

7.  Can a person be meek according to this beatitude and be successful in the world?

8.  How might meekness make us better friends, team mates, parents, or leaders?