These questions relate to the sermon on 19 June 2022, Happy Are The Unhappy.  The primary text is Matthew 5:4.  After June 19, the sermon audio will be on the website, and a video recording will be on the LBC YouTube channel.  Class discussion will be 26 June.

1.  Remember an event that caused you grief.  You may tell the group, but it is not required.  (Don't think too much about it.  No need to go back there if you can avoid it.)

2. What and who helped you manage the grief?

3.  Is there any difference in grief and mourning?  If so, what is it?

4.  What evidence is there that God will address your mourning?

5.  How does God respond to mourning?

6.  Could Matthew 5:4 be primarily about mouring sin?

7.  How does your own sin grieve you?

8.  What brings comfort when when mourn our own sin?

9.  Is it right to mourn the sin of others, the collective sin of the church, or the collective sin of the world?

10.  So practically, where is the blessing in mourning?  How does that really help?  Restored joy?  Spiritual Revival?

If you are mourning sin, write a plan for correction.  What is the next step?  

If you are mourning loss, how can you find help?