These questions relate to the sermon on 12 June 2022 which can be found on this website under the sermon tab, or on YouTube LBC channel.

1.     Summarize the theme or purpose of the Beatitudes in Matthew 5:3-12  

2.    Are the eight qualities a list from which to choose your gift or life purpose?  Why or why not?  

3.    Which other New Testament Gospel and chapter has a similar passage?  What are some of the differences and how do you explain the differences?  

4.    Considering the first beatitude, Matthew 5:3, what does it mean to be poor in spirit?

5.    Does social and economic poverty have anything to do with Matthew’s version or the other version?  What might Jesus have meant by saying, “Happy are the poor?”  

6.    What other scriptures come to mind that help understand and apply the first beatitude?  

7.    What is the promise of this beatitude and what does it mean?  

8.    Use a Bible application on your phone or other device and search, “blessed are.”  What other beatitude type statements have you found?  Do any help understand and apply Matthew’s version?  

9.    Do you know of any good and available sources to help with this study?